About Carola


Carola Höchst Photography is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Carola specializes in Baby, Child and Family Photography. With her photography she inspires women to celebrate themselves and the people they engage with. Carola is a graduate of Santa Monica College in Photography.

As a maven in the Art of Appreciation, Carola brings a sense of joy and festivity to every photo session. Photography is her lifelong passion, and she is always out to catch that special moment, that reflects your soul and deep inner beauty. Her photo sessions are comfy, uplifting and fun, and Carola is always open to your creative ideas. She has the gift to get you relaxed in front of the camera, having been an international teacher of personal development in her past life time. Her motto comes with a big smile from her heart: “Let me be the one to reflect your beauty back to you.”


“As a professional photographer I celebrate (not only) women, and I rejoice in capturing the ‘Look of Love’ among families. My great joy is to show the magical journey to motherhood and the love story between mother and baby – where all human live begins. I believe that it is the elemental appreciation we have for one another that allows us to grow into self-assured, loving women and men.

My images are simply a reminder of what is most important in life: ‘The feeling called Love’. I thank the Universe every day for reconnecting me with this deep warm fuzzy joy – in plain German: ‘Lebensfreude’ – almost like Fahrvergnügen :).

Here a few more tidbits about myself:

I would love to see the day when we are truly respecting and honoring all of lives polarities, seeing our different abilities as complementary rather than living in strict value systems of who counts and who doesn’t. My greatest dream is to live in a world that values human connection, love and respect over everything else.

Nine month ago I discovered NIA, and developed a ridiculous joyful craving to my NIA classes.

My mother often reminds me that when I was 4 years old, after I drowned and miraculously came back to live – I danced for hours without music in front of a mirror. I still dance in front of mirrors, with Trance music to go with it – and it still brings me back to live, especially after too many hours on the computer.

After immigrating to the US from Germany I fell in love with Cowboy boots, and I wear my favorite pair to a lot of photo shoots. I wonder what’s going to happen when they can’t be repaired anymore – the time is coming closer…

I tend to steal food from my husbands plate – even so I am vegan and he is not.

I love the smile of babys – nothing quite like it when it comes to get  endorphins flowing.

Some of my favorite spiritual teachers are Tsultrim Allione, Pamela Wilson, and Adyashanti, and yes I meditate since I am 19 years old, and… slowly the mental projection of my digital self-image is fading… lol… (you probably watched the Matrix. Yes, I love movies – they are my replacement for the fairy tales my mom used to tell me when I was little, and yes its probably an addiction, but I tell myself its movie therapy.)

People love to share with me their spiritual moments, and it is something I truly value.

With anticipation I would love to hear from you – since this is what it is all about – truly connecting from heart to heart – celebrating our passions together – making them even more memorable with images that sing to the heart.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then – greetings from the edges of the light – sometimes I can almost reach them :)”