Days of Celebration – Day 9

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt must have been a year ago when I participated in one of Pamela Wilson’s satsangs. Still bothered by a maddening fear of ‘showing myself’ I brought up the question to her what to do with this dread in my belly. She simply let me feel it, which resulted in some intense crying moments on my part. Then she asked: “And what is behind that fear?”

After a couple deep breaths a strong sense of celebration arose inside of me. I was utterly amazed. She said that in 15 years of her work nobody had ever said anything like this to her, and encouraged me: “Why don’t you simply touch people with ‘celebration’?”

Today I like to thank Pamela for her inspiring words, and her gift of making me aware of this long-standing desire of mine.

This Celebration day goes to Pamela and her teachings:

And all the people in the world who can get excited about super huge bubbles!

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Days of Celebration – Day 8

Barbara Tedlock writes in her book “The Woman in the Shaman’s body” that in central Mexico flowers remain symbols for the feminine life force and all sensual delights, including sexual love, aft, music, weaving, embroidery, silversmithing, sculpting, singing and dancing.

Doesn’t that change our perspective of flowers?

To the Feminine Life Force and all flowers as her symbol.

Days of Celebration 8

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Days of Celebration – Day 7

Whenever I have one of my poetic moments, insights come to me that cannot be expressed in a normal sequence of words. It is hard to say whether they will make sense to you – I like to share them anyway :).


The bumps of life
remind me to be like water
without resistance,
at ease,
inclusive and
attending to my own way.
I sense and feel into my deepest resonance,
my untouched soul essence.
If I pay attention I hear her whisper:
“This way, this way…”
If I resist
I get bend too hard
If I leave my resonance
I feel abandoned
If I enter the flow-like state
the world can do what it does and
I am at home in what says “I Love” to life.
©Carola Höchst



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Days of Celebration – Day 6

Tonight we found this Praying Mantis in the cabbage. As I was trying to take a sharp picture of her, she kept on moving her face towards the camera. Isn’t she amazing all over? I wonder, does she come from a different planet? How does she experience humans who try to photograph her? Certainly she knows how to be present, and her presence alone is worth celebrating.


Day 6-9194

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Days of Celebration – Day 5

Day 5

Childlike innocence – that is the way to be!

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Days of Celebration – Day 4


When I found this flower on my evening walk tonight, I thought of the patience to let something unfold in it’s own time. Unfolding the way nature plans anything is an awe-inspiring process. I personally have to watch for my mind to not interfere. It seems to like things to happen fast. I guess that’s why the wise ones teach to go with the heart and not the mind. Give it up to Nature – “she who is amazingly powerful”.

Today’s celebration goes to patience, to unfolding, to Nature!



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Veronica and her Baby Girl Kennedy

Veronica and Kennedy-4972


Thank you Veronica for sharing your story – here it is:

Early in my pregnancy I had genetic testing to make sure everything was okay.  I was 39-years-old, and while my instincts told me everything was probably fine, I still felt compelled to be practical and know what was ahead of me.  Waiting for the results was hard. I found myself in a bad headspace caused by hormones and “what ifs”.  But the day we got the call it finally came to a triumphant end. “The baby is fine,” the genetic counselor said. “There are no abnormalities.  Do you want to know the sex?” My husband, who was listening on the other phone shouted out, “Yes!” She paused for a moment and said, “Okay, are you sitting down?” We assured her we were ready for the news. “You’re having…a girl!” The moment I heard those words my heart swelled and I leaped into the air.  “Really?” I exclaimed. I felt pure elation; like a child who’d blown out her birthday candles and gotten exactly what she’d wished for. Although I had kept telling myself all I wanted was a healthy baby, I really wanted a girl. But I had stuffed the yearning way down, tucked it away in a place of “whatever happens, happens” so I wouldn’t be disappointed. Manage your expectations, I kept telling myself, “Manage them.” But, really, a girl. I had wanted a girl. I was having a girl.

Fast forward to now and Kennedy is no longer just an idea or a pure desire. She is her own little soul housed behind piercing blue eyes; strong, chubby thighs; a willful presence and a loud voice. “This girl has some lungs,” I often say to myself as she shouts from her Jumperoo when I disappear from one room into another, and she can no longer see me; as if to say, “Hey, where are you going! Stop! Wait.” I call out to her to assure her that “I’m here, I hear you; I will be right back!” and so it goes with Kennedy. She keeps me on my toes, and I’m glad for it.

It’s with that same verve she exhibits, that I sort through what our world has to offer and weave together the kind of life journey I wish her to have. One filled with tight squeezes, kissed toes, assurances she is loved, and reminders that she is her own person who has a voice, to be seen, heard, and counted. It’s an awesome responsibility, really. I’m not just her mother, but her tour guide too. Along with my husband, I get to pick from a decadent buffet of first world delicacies that I’m fortunate enough to expose her to: story times and sing-alongs at the library; hikes on Marin trails; visits to the beach, national parks and museums; a college education, travel. There’s so much, and it’s easy to feel carried away by the excitement and possibility of it all.  But if I do my job right, she’ll know these delicacies as opportunities that not all girls her age everywhere get to have, and she’ll feel encouraged and compelled to savor and make the most out of every single one of them.

Ultimately, however, when it’s all said and done, Kennedy will know that her life is her call. Whatever she chooses to become, however she chooses to be, it will be hers to design. I think that’s the best way I know how to celebrate my daughter. It’s your choice Kennedy, know yourself, baby. Know yourself. So eyes tight; search your heart, deep breath in, summon your dreams, make a wish, now BLOW!

by Veronica Navarrette

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Days of Celebration – Day 3

Today’s picture is missing the main character – a very playful bear. The other day I saw one about 100 meters in the distance. This bear had a powerful happy vibration. It was so strong that I could feel it in my heart. When I came home I picked up my favorite Medicine Cards Book by Jamie Sams & David Carson. I learned that Bear medicine stands for the power of introspection. The text said that to become like Bear we must attune ourselves to the energies of the Eternal Mother. This was great reminder to enter my inner silence and be aware that in this silence there are already all the answers to what I want to know. And of course I already knew that – but there are these days where I forget :). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I celebrate inner silence, and the joy that lives there.

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Days of Celebration – Day 2

There is not much going on in Truchas, NM, yet I love going there. It is about 8000 feet above sea level and has only 1200 inhabitants. A Donkey came running to the fence to say hello, asking me why I didn’t bring some apples. Yes, why didn’t I bring apples? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s been a long time being ridiculed by a donkey. I guess this makes it a donkey celebration day :).

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Days of Celebration- Day 1

The best ideas seem to come to me on my hikes in nature. Today I remembered that for about 7 years I wrote a diary starting every entry with: Self-Love Day 1 until I reached Self-love Day 2555.

Now I feel like moving to celebration – because what else is there to do when you learn to love yourself :).  It dawned on me to use my website and FB as diary to celebrate and share my inspired moments right here, right now.

A few weeks ago I watched these kids performing a native dance at a gallery near my favorite restaurant at Camel Rock, North of Santa Fe. Kids naturally are more in tune with celebrating every moment joyfully.

May we all be in such innocent grace as these four dancers.


I offer my Celebration Day 1 “To the dance of life!”

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