About Carola


As photographer and Self-Love Evangelist it is my calling to empower women with photo awareness projects and insight on how to live the feminine way in a male-dominated world.

In a way, I am my own study, meaning I had to learn to love myself; I had to learn that all the answers I am seeking are already answered by my intuitive knowing and I had to find the images that empower me.

I started walking the spiritual path with masters and gurus early in my life. I believed that becoming enlightened would dissolve all my anxieties, fears and insecurities, of which I had plenty. That’s how I spent more than 25,000 hours in meditation—believe it or not. It makes me laugh when I think about it, and here is the best part: Whenever ‘things’ come up, my intuition still guides me to get my answers and emotional freedom through meditation and self-inquiry.

As long as I remember, I had the desire to empower women. Probably this wish came from the need to empower my own inner female self, which had taken a strong hit in my childhood.

Today I feel deeply inspired to share the knowing I have gathered on my spiraling path into awakening about Self-Love, Intuition and positive Self-Image.

With my photo projects I seek to create images that celebrate the pride of Mothers giving birth to girls, something that is unfortunately not valued in every country around the world.

With my Mother and Daughter images—of any age and ethnicity—it is my intention to empower the original feminine bond, which is the most important relationship of humankind.

If you like my vision please:

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With anticipation I would love to hear from you – since this is what it is all about – truly connecting from heart to heart – celebrating our lives, and making this celebration memorable with images that sing to the heart.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then – greetings from the edges of the light – sometimes I can almost reach them 🙂