Baby Zen Moments

Meet Baby Ivey. She is already in Zen mode, as all Babies actually are – so I believe. Her mom had the great idea to have a picture taken with Ivey getting to know herself in the mirror. Actually mirror photography can be a little challenging, because of all the things that can show up, if the angles are not placed quite right. So we had fun finding a good angle to make an appealing picture. And Ivey had no objection whatsoever. Also we only used natural light for this picture. While I usually prefer to add Quantum flash to my pictures, the starburst in the mirror is not always desired.

Isn’t she adorable finding out how those mirrors work? As she grows up she will probably find out how to use mirrors for self-love exercises, for approving the way she looks, and of course Zen questions like ‘Who am I really?’.

And how do I know all of those things – maybe because I have tried them all 🙂 ?

Likely Ivey will find very different ways to make use of mirrors in her life, and enjoy her image reflected in mirrors…


Zen moments for Baby in mirror 1