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The Look of Love

Several years ago I did one of my yearly visits to Germany to be with my family. My brother had picked me up at the airport, and gave me a lift to the main train station in Hamburg. Hamburg is comparable to Seattle – national colors gray and light gray. When I got out of the car it definitely was one of those light gray days with slight drizzle rain.
As we left the train station I noticed out of the corner of my eyes a guy leaning on his motorcycle – black leather jacket, mid-forties, 5’11, dark hair, definitely sexy- logging his eyes on me as if the Goddess herself had just descended from heaven.
I remember my disbelieve. Here I was, tired, jet-lagged, for my taste overweight by good 15 pounds with barely any make-up left. I dared to gaze one more at him, and no doubt he meant me – looking with such intense interest and wonder – I could feel those elating waves of adoration enter me. I must have turned several times – flirting with him – eating up what his eyes had to give. Married or not, these kinds of moments are to be savored when they happen in a woman’s life – at least I truly believe that.

It was not about meeting him. This moment was so special to me because there was no reason to it – none at all.  In this minute the wonderment of feeling loved was handed to me in the drizzling rain. I am sure the Universe used him to give me this token to warm my heart, and to give me a high for the next two weeks of my Germany visit – high on the look of love. Do you remember moments like this in your life? Feeling loved with no reason whatsoever? This kind of love is really who we are in our essence. Most of us have just forgotten to allow ourselves to let it flow in our own direction.

Instead of noticing what we don’t like about ourselves and our bodies –
let’s get back to the look of love for ourselves again, and again!