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Days of Celebration

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt must have been a year ago when I participated in one of Pamela Wilson’s satsangs. Still bothered by a maddening fear of ‘showing myself’ I brought up the question to her what to do with this dread in my belly. She simply let me feel it, which resulted in some intense crying moments on my part. Then she asked: “And what is behind that fear?”

After a couple deep breaths a strong sense of celebration arose inside of me. I was utterly amazed. She said that in 15 years of her work nobody had ever said anything like this to her, and encouraged me: “Why don’t you simply touch people with ‘celebration’?”

Today I like to thank Pamela for her inspiring words, and her gift of making me aware of this long-standing desire of mine.

This Celebration day goes to Pamela and her teachings:

And all the people in the world who can get excited about super huge bubbles!

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