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In the sanctuary of nature

No matter what the day brings, I always regroup in the sanctuary of nature. That is also the reason why I love to take pictures outdoors.

P.S. In one of my favorite books: The hidden Gospel, Neil Douglas-Klotz writes that Jesus was known to heal preferably in nature. Maybe it is because we are touched by our innermost truth when we are among trees, rocks or water. There is no pretending at all, and everything seems to be always all right…

Megan-2351 Megan 2

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Miria, the Wonderful

The other day during a presentation of my photo business, I used the phrase: “What do women want?” I didn’t really need to say anything anymore because everybody was getting into it: ‘Yes, what do women want’; and ‘I sure don’t know what women want’. I was highly amused, especially because I thought the phrase was already over-used. Nevertheless one thing I do know is,  as women we do like to play. We like to get married and still try on other wedding dresses like my acquaintance in these pictures. If we could allow ourselves, we continuously would invent new magical games, because after all we are, like the Goddess Starhawk describes in her version of the Creation myth: Miria, the Wonderful.

Take these pictures as an inspirational call to never give up on your creative power to play, and I guess this is true for men as well! 🙂

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The young princess ready for her Prom!

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Happy Halloween!!!

Don’t be afraid of your Shadow this year – even so it is 2012!

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The natural range of woman

Here she is – showing off what she is made off!


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Creations shamelessly adores Herself – so should you!

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Display your own attractiveness

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A woman who enjoyes herself is magnetic!

While I was shopping with my beloved the other day, I got to watch a woman talking to a man she was obviously interested in. She gave off so much ‘flirty’ playful energy, that I found my attention moving over to her, letting my spouse take care of paying and packing the groceries. All I could think of was how much fun it would be to do a photo shoot with her, but there was no way to interrupt this magic moment she had with that guy of her choice. Whenever I get to witness anybody – woman or man – being totally in their joyful presence – it is always a treat. And there is something about wanting to play along with them – such an attraction – such magnetism…

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