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Days of Celebration

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt must have been a year ago when I participated in one of Pamela Wilson’s satsangs. Still bothered by a maddening fear of ‘showing myself’ I brought up the question to her what to do with this dread in my belly. She simply let me feel it, which resulted in some intense crying moments on my part. Then she asked: “And what is behind that fear?”

After a couple deep breaths a strong sense of celebration arose inside of me. I was utterly amazed. She said that in 15 years of her work nobody had ever said anything like this to her, and encouraged me: “Why don’t you simply touch people with ‘celebration’?”

Today I like to thank Pamela for her inspiring words, and her gift of making me aware of this long-standing desire of mine.

This Celebration day goes to Pamela and her teachings:


And all the people in the world who can get excited about super huge bubbles!

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Days of Celebration

The best ideas seem to come to me on my hikes in nature. Today I remembered that for about 7 years I wrote a diary starting every entry with: Self-Love Day 1 until I reached Self-love Day 2555.

Now I feel like moving to celebration – because what else is there to do when you learn to love yourself :).  It dawned on me to use my website and FB as diary to celebrate and share my inspired moments right here, right now.

A few weeks ago I watched these kids performing a native dance at a gallery near my favorite restaurant at Camel Rock, North of Santa Fe. Kids naturally are more in tune with celebrating every moment joyfully.

May we all be in such innocent grace as these four dancers.


I offer my Celebration Day 1 “To the dance of life!”

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Celebrating the Birth of Baby Girls

Meet Emily – she joined me for my book project “Celebrating the Birth of Baby Girls”.

It was very joyful to photograph her in her backyard leaning unto her extra special tree. Emily was so pregnant that she expected her daughter to be born any minute. From her e-mail I learned that her girl was born last week, and I can’t wait to take some pictures of her in her mother’s arms. What a blessing to start your life in a family that really loves and treasures you, and I am sure that Bohren will be excited to have a tiny baby sister.

Emily-Emily 2-

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Capturing the moments of life – because life is precious!

Lately I become more and more aware of why I studied Photography relatively late in my life. One of the reasons is because being a photographer – a light-writer, gives me the chance to value and honor all moments of life, simply because life is precious!

Sometimes we overlook that. Mostly we wait to celebrate our engagements, weddings, anniversaries; our pregnancy and our children being born, and that is perfect – and it is also awesome to remember that every moment is worth celebrating – because life is ultimately a miracle.Shelby and Adam 4 Shelby and Adam1 portrait photo carola hochst photography san francisco and marin county bay area

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From some spiritual teachings we learn that love heals everything – all the abandoned places inside of us. I thought I try this practice on this dumped car, which can be found on my favorite hike in San Rafael.

The Olympus OM-D E-M5, my new carry-everywhere-camera, has amazing art filters. And isn’t applying an art filter what is meant by bringing love to everything neglected?
Well, we’ll have to find out – if one day the car is shiny new again – I know it works 🙂
Here the one I applied:

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The shack in Altenmedingen

About ten years ago my parents moved into the country side south of Hamburg in Germany. On the way from the train station to their house stands this forlorn shack,  which grabs my attention in a visceral way every time I visit my parents.

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German country side in Winter

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Veils and the Magic Game Allem Kallem

Veils always held great magic for me. My favorite Fairytale ‘Allem-Kalem – the magic Game’ by Elsa Sophia von Kamphoevener (only available in German) tells a story about a half-veiled woman who teaches her soon-to-be-lover how to materialize anything out of thin air just by saying Allem-Kalem. Of course I wish I could meet her in person, in order to acquire the same magic. But then again maybe I would have to become her lover, and I really have a preference for men. As you can see, I am still working this out.

Returning to the subject of veils, I paid close attention when Elsa in my NIA class  told me that she is a veil dancer. That inspired me to pull together this photo shoot – with Elsa dancing – dancing with veils; dancing with the Universe.

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Dance (part 1)

In dance we move for the purpose of feeling our bodies move. Whatever feeling we express is good. We feel our aliveness, our breath, our presence.
There is no wrong or right. There is just us – dancing!

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Celebrate your intrinsic beauty

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