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Celebrating the Birth of Baby Girls

Meet Emily – she joined me for my book project “Celebrating the Birth of Baby Girls”.

It was very joyful to photograph her in her backyard leaning unto her extra special tree. Emily was so pregnant that she expected her daughter to be born any minute. From her e-mail I learned that her girl was born last week, and I can’t wait to take some pictures of her in her mother’s arms. What a blessing to start your life in a family that really loves and treasures you, and I am sure that Bohren will be excited to have a tiny baby sister.

Emily-Emily 2-

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Capturing the moments of life – because life is precious!

Lately I become more and more aware of why I studied Photography relatively late in my life. One of the reasons is because being a photographer – a light-writer, gives me the chance to value and honor all moments of life, simply because life is precious!

Sometimes we overlook that. Mostly we wait to celebrate our engagements, weddings, anniversaries; our pregnancy and our children being born, and that is perfect – and it is also awesome to remember that every moment is worth celebrating – because life is ultimately a miracle.Shelby and Adam 4 Shelby and Adam1 portrait photo carola hochst photography san francisco and marin county bay area

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